Monday, December 12, 2016

Tomorrow/ Today is the day- catching the flight, maintaining grace, patience, love and saying more prayers!
      Sarah is doing well with the building up to this week, there have been a few tears, hugs, and one melt down, which was quickly resolved with love and prayers.
      If you know Sarah well enough then you know she has an extended family- and she has spent almost everyday with this extended family at the tree lot since Thanksgiving. The other day was her last night and when she realized that; it was a hard pill for her to swallow, but God sent a few blessings her way, hugs and love from the "grandpas" that were there, and a surprise visit from one of her newest friends she met this year and they clicked instantly- many games of Christmas tree hide and seek, hugs and laughter couldn't of ended her night any better. These men and women who have all opened their arms and wrapped them around Sarah...we thank you, and we love you. You are what we call some of Sarah's "earth angels".
      Like I mentioned in the previous post, it's been three years...we have an idea of what will be done, a plan that was discussed- but until she gets her face to face with Dr. Waner on Tuesday then that is all subject to slight changing and tweaking. We have had a lot of questions which is normal, but the one I'm getting the most is- is this just cosmetic? Well no.....and yes?? Sarah has a few knots of scar tissue, they hurt when they get hit or bumped around her eye. She also has a large scar running down her face, from her eyebrow down to the bottom of her nose. This scar is tight, and it's getting uncomfortable. (We have tried many different oils, creams and gels to help) I will find her rubbing it while watching tv because its growing tighter as she grows. He will probably do a heavy duty laser treatment on it to help it soften up since she has grown. She also has lost feeling in a good portion of her face due to the amount of surgeries she has had to remove her tumors over time, he can't fix that but treating the scar some will help with the tightness and uncomfortableness she is experiencing with it. He's going to work on a knot of scar tissue by her eye and her eyebrow, and her lips have knots of scar tissue in them, so he's going to work on that for her. Other than that? We aren't 100% sure until he gets to see her in person on Tuesday. So the answer is: No, this is not a strict cosmetic only surgery, it is most definitely needed. But his goal is to work on her through her life to where as she grows her skin is not pulling and that it's doing what it needs to do in as natural a way as possible.
Its just something that comes along with what she had- these hemangioma's were aggressive and grew fast, so this is just another step in the process.
Thank you all for the prayers, we have definitely felt them and please keep them coming!
(And once I figure out how to add an updated photo of her...I will! Haha)

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