Thursday, December 15, 2016

Day at the Museum!

The day started off with a trip to Dr. Waner's office for a post op check in. In the Dr.'s words "I think we hit a home run this time". We are all very excited with the results of surgery and are just praying for a good recovery. The rest of the day was spent at The Museum of Natural History and what a day it was. We got there at 10:30am and closed the place down at 5:45pm. Definitely a great place to be when the high for the day was 24 degrees. Thank you for all the prayers. God is Good

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Marlene and Maizie said...

Hi, Sarah,
I tried sending a post last week, but I don't see it --- so I'll try again.
I am the lady you and the family met at the La Guardia airport. We had such a nice visit and I was so grateful to have met you all. I hope you had a good flight home. Were all the chickens, your dogs, and the cows ok while you were away? How is Arthur doing?
I hope you had a blessed and happy Christmas and that you are recovering from your surgery nicely. I bet Riley was happy, too, for Christmas.
My dog, Maizie, was very happy that I am back home. She was fine with her dog sitters, but she just likes to be home.
Reading your blog and web sight has reminded me what a special girl you are and that you have a very special family. I hope you won't mind if I keep in touch with you. I would be honored to help when you do another fund-raising event in the future.
Marlene Reed and Maizie