Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Surgery day- what a day!

        Today was the day, Sarah's first surgery in three years. 
Overall? She did good. She couldn't eat or drink since last night and boy did she get hungry at one point.
      Sarah has had the best spirit- no complaining, always a smile (95%) of the day! Needless to say in a nut shell, we are very proud of the way she handled today. With the odds stacked against her she shone through and handled it all with grace.

    This morning started out normal enough besides the fact Sarah couldn't eat, we just hung out here, and stayed quiet- Sarah got to FaceTime with a friend of hers to help her pass the time and that in itself was a blessing! Once we got over to the hospital things started moving pretty quickly and we found ourselves in pre-op in no time. Sarah had a surgery ahead of her that ran a little longer than planned, so her 1:30 surgery time came and went...a few hours over due. 
    This whole time Sarah and I for the most part stayed cuddled up in the armchair watching her favorite comedian on the phone- or random funny videos. She would get up stretch, play around with daddy and then climb back in the chair with me. During one of her cuddles she started telling me she was getting very hungry and she started naming all of the foods she wanted to eat when she was done for the day. About this time daddy looked up and said Dr. Waner is coming! He rounded the corner with his team and talked to us for a minute and then the team started looking at Sarah again, checking  the scars, having her smile, relax her face, smile again- marked where they wanted to check, discussed amongst themselves and would descend on Sarah again to discuss. This was all necessary and needed to be done but it struck me that it had to be the most intimidating thing for a kid to look at! I was sitting beside her holding her during this and - (humor me) just imagine sitting in a chair, looking up, and three doctors are bent over, talking, messing with your face, all wearing blue, marking on your face and even at one point having a slight disagreement as to which should be done. 
Now that's quite a bit to take in for a 9 year old! At this point when they left to get ready for her she curled up and started crying a bit and telling me she was hungry and she just wanted this to all be done. To have gone the whole day with such a good spirit and to have lost it for a few minutes at this point, I think she did a good job. I suddenly realized she fell asleep for a few minutes and then it was time for her to get ready for Daddy to take her back to the operating room. 
     Fast forward to post-op and this little girl did not want to wake up! She woke up for about 30 minutes and then after fussing at me about not getting to go to the museum yet she fell back asleep for HOURS! Myself and a couple of nurses and someone from anesthesia finally got her to open her eyes and talk to us! The stink pot was just tired and decided to take advantage of the situation! Haha
      Once she was up, she sucked down her apple juice, some jello and the highly demanded and requested oreos (she only ate the cream part)  and asked the nurse where she could get a taco! 
Our nurse when Sarah was discharged even walked us out to the corner while pushing Sarah in a wheelchair to point out the closest and best taco/burrito place on the block! And once there the Burrito lady even demanded to buy the girls their tacos after meeting Sarah! After the day Sarah and the three of us had, it was a pleasure to see kindness come out in those ways!
      Sarah is now settled in the apartment, has ate her way through her taco, half of her sisters, some chip chunks, and some leftovers from last night! 

We have to be up and at them in the morning for a 9am follow up with Waner so we are calling it a night. Thank you all for the prayers, texts, and thoughts throughout the day!
God is good.

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