Thursday, October 30, 2008

Stitches are out and were coming HOME

This morning Sarah went under anesthesia and had her stiches taken out. Everything went well and Dr. Levitin said that Sarah's skin has healed beautifully. The most exciting news is that the Dr. also told us that it would be possibly six months before we would have to come back. WOO HOO. The reason is to let the skin around Sarah's chin heal so that they can go back and make another incision there. We will be sending monthly photo's of Sarah for Dr. Waner to see so that they can tell us when they want us back up. We have met alot of parents up hear that go to Dr. Waner with there children and among those are David and Debbie Freedman. They have welcomed us into there home on more than one occasion and have become very good friends of ours. They have two little girls that Sarah enjoys going to see. Last night we went to their house for supper and after playing with the girls and eating, when we got home this is how she looked.
Here are some pictures of Sarah after this mornings procedure and then some just a few minutes ago of Kim and Sarah taking a well deserved nap. Thank you for praying for my family and letting us be a part of your life. God is Good

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Sarah's First Circus

Today it rained so we were couped up in the apartment all day but tonight we took Sarah to the circus. She had a ball. She did get scared when they would turn the lights off between acts but besides then she was glued to the stage. We even met one of the clowns after the show. I do believe if we hadn't got out this evening we would have gone stir crazy. Even Sarah was getting bored in the apartment. Tomorrow it's going to be hit or miss with the weather so we hope to get out and walk around a bit. Thursday is suture removal and Friday morning we will be coming home. Woo Hoo. Here are some pictures from the circus.

Monday night at the Laundromat

Yesterday was move day. We went from a two bedroom apartment with two full size beds to a studio apartment (one big room) with two single beds. For some reason mommy didn't sleep very well with sarah in the bed with her. I am laughing now because tonight is my turn sleeping next to Sarah, or so I'm told. We also did our laundry last night and Sarah came down for a visit. Here are some pictures of the new apartment and sarah in the laundry basket. That has got to be the coolest stove I have ever seen.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sunday Funday

Today was all about having fun with Sarah. We started off with some drawing and ended up at the Childrens Museum of Manhattan which is for the most part a big indoor playground for kids. The museum had some educational aspects to it but would probably be better taken advantage of when Sarah gets 3 or 4. Sarah still had a good time playing with all the different stations they had. Last but not least Sarah and daddy did what they do best, we took a nap. Thank you for all the emails and phone calls it helps us more than anything, keeping intouch with everyone from home makes these trips a little easier.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Such a NICE day!

Today was such a nice day, nice weather and such a nice time! We decided to take a walk-about, like we usually do, and found ourselves on Broadway, and found the Stardust Diner...the waitstaff there sing, it really is such a treat to go...Sarah was awestruck! She loved every second and got mad when we started to leave! The waitstaff take turns singing, and boy do they ALL have beautiful voices! They pinpointed Sarah out pretty quick and would come over and serenade her...she would just watch sooo closely and then clap when they were done! Chuck even got serenaded as well from a funny! (carly simons "your so vain") haha! Sarah got all of the love songs! After the diner we took off for another walk, and then to Central park, found the playground, and she ran around with another little boy and did some swinging! It was such a nice day and we are so glad we were able to get out...its supposed to rain tomorrow! UGH! Sarah is doing so well, not much swelling and back to herself again! Yeah, that is such a good sign! Hope you get to enjoy the pictures! Love to all, Chuck, Kim and Sarah!

Day after surgery:looking and feeling good!

Sarah woke up in a pretty good mood today even though it was 3 in the morning... mama didn't know it was that early... she thought it was 6:30 a.m., so mama and sarah decided to wake daddy up! We finally got back to sleep for a couple of hours and woke back up at the real 6:30. Sarah and I got up and made mom breakfast while she slept for a little bit longer! The three of us are getting cramped in here so were going out for a walk to get some fresh air and to see whats going on! Just wanted everyone to see a post surgery smile from Sarah and to show you that you can get sweet tea in NY... you just have to make it yourself!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

October Surgery

Today Sarah had her second surgery that involved an incision to her upper lip area and around her nose. This surgery was to pull her lip up because the tumor had made it droop down which inturn gave her a constant drulling issue. Surgery went well today. Sarah woke up from anesthesia upset but that is normal for her. It has been quite a morning so this e-mail is short and sweet. We are all tired and ready for a nap. Thank you for the prayers everyone has given to Sarah. God is good.