Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Sarah's Hemangiomas - 1st Laser Surgery by Dr. Waner

Note the Hemangiomas ulcerations that had developed in such a short time before her surgery, the largest under her lower lip.


Sarah's Laser Surgery went very well. The excitement for us deepened when we first saw her after the surgery and she started giving us all a ton of her happy smiles. While she was under the anesthesia they ran a laparoscope TV camera down her throat and we all were relieved that they found no Hemangiomas inside the wind pipe. Sarah goes back to the Vascular Birthmark Institute tomorrow so that the doctors can check her out before we head home. We are also going to visit the doctor's dormitory that they offer their patients - we have been told that they are very nice at a very reasonable price, just down the street from the Vascular Birthmark Institute.

Doctors (right to left) - The famous Dr. Waner, Dr. Thompson, Dr. Levitin, Vascular Birthmark Institute.