Sunday, July 27, 2008

July trip to New York

July's laser treatment went very well. Dr. Waner said that Sarah would definately be ready for her big surgery in August. We were also told that after August we wouldn't have to go back up for about three months so that is great. We had a good trip overall. I put some extra pictures in this month's blog. One is of Sarah in her gown before surgery. Another is of Sarah in a Yellow dress right after surgery. There is one of Sarah back at the apartment playing in my shaving cream, we don't take many toys up there so anything goes when it comes to keeping her happy. The other picture is taken outside of F.A.O. Schwartz which is a famous toy store. Next month will be different because Sarah's surgery will consist of an incision to her cheek to remove some of the tumor and also to fix some of the scaring on her cheek. Followed with some more laser treatment. We will be there for eight days so that they can take her souchers out seven days later. This will be hard not just on her but because we won't be able to let her play around for fear of her souchers getting hit if she falls. Please continue to pray for our family and that everything goes well next month. It will be hard on all of us since it is something we have yet to experience. Walking the path with God might be a narrow one but it also has a lot of up hill battles. But it's good to know that with God we also have friends and family to help us up these steps. Thank you to everyone for your continued support.