Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Done with Chemo

Just wanted everyone to know that Sarah had her last of four chemo treatments yesterday and everthing went well. She has not had any visible growth this month which is good news. We will have two more scheduled treatments one in April and one in May. After that the doctors are going to reevaluate the frequency of treatments, which hopefully means that we won't have to go to New York as often.
I mentioned on the last blog that the doctors up in New York told us that we are staying ahead of the growth and that hopefully there won't be many more rapid growth sperts.
Sarah is doing well and she has two little teeth right next to each other on the bottom of her mouth. She also discovered her ear yesterday and won't let go of it.
Thank you to everyone who has prayed for Sarah and please continue too.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

March Trip to New York

Just wanted everyone to know that Sarah's trip to NY went well. Dr. Levitin also told us that the intervention we have done (laser,steroids&chemo)is working great and that he feels we are staying ahead of the game. Sarah has two more chemo treatments and that should be it for awhile. These are pictures of mom and Sarah before surgery in the waiting room and then Sarah looking at me saying "take me home" after surgery.Please continue to pray for Sarah and us to stay strong and for her tumors to not grow anymore.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Upcoming Events For Sarah

There are several events in the near future that are going to go towards helping pay for Sarah's Medical bills and the high costs of taking Sarah to Manhattan, New York for her Laser Surgeries.
These are the events coming up:

On April 5 there will be a breakfast put on for Sarah at Midway Baptist Church from 6a.m. until 10a.m. There are several churches helping put the event on including New Hope and Utah.

On April 5 there will also be a dinner put on for Sarah by Hemby Bridge Fire Dept. at Hemby Bridge Fire Dept. at 6p.m. for further information please contact Windi Henderson at 704-882-2100. Tickets are going to be sold until March 28.

On April 12 there will be a Poker Run held by Iron Horse Motorcycles and Iron Horse Road Riders at Iron Horse Motorcycles in Monroe,NC. For more details please contact:
Linda Coats at 704-233-9156

Friday, March 7, 2008

Latest News

Kim and I have noticed since the latest MRI a significant amount of growth on Sarah's face.We decided to see her Hematologist Dr. Mogul about it on Monday. After talking with Dr. Mogul and conversing with Dr. Levitin(NY doctor) they decided that going back on steroids was not an option at this point and that a low dosage of chemotherapy treatment from a drug named Vincristine would be a safer step to help control the growth of Sarah's tumors. Sarah got the dose a few days ago and has yet to be 100% so far. She is not as playful and happy as usual but hopefully we will see some good days in the near future.

Next week will be very busy for Sarah, she has her second chemo treatment on Monday and then its back to New York City on Tuesday for her third laser treatment. Hopefully everything will go well and I can update everyone very soon. Please pray for Sarah's treatments to go well and to help her and us stay strong.