Thursday, May 15, 2008

May trip to New York

We just got back from our 5th trip to NY. We are all a little tired but the good news is everything went well. The Laser surgery went good and Dr. Levitin told us that we would be coming back every four weeks for at least two more surgeries. The good news is that he also told us the rapid growth phase of the hemangioma is for the most part over. And that hopefully by late summer or early fall they can start taking some of the tumor away. This news was good but it also made us very uneasy. Mainly because this is a new step that we are unfamiliar with and the unknown always scares us. The future surgeries themselves take on a whole new aspect to Sarah's treatment and will require our stays to be longer. But we are strong and will get through this. Please pray for our family that we will stay strong and can meet these tasks head on.

The picture of Sarah sitting by herself was taken the day before surgery in central park. The picture of Sarah on mommy's shoulders was after surgery that same day. Surgery was at 7:30 that morning so after a nap and some lunch we decided to take Sarah to the Central Park Zoo. As you can tell she was having fun!