Friday, October 24, 2008

Such a NICE day!

Today was such a nice day, nice weather and such a nice time! We decided to take a walk-about, like we usually do, and found ourselves on Broadway, and found the Stardust Diner...the waitstaff there sing, it really is such a treat to go...Sarah was awestruck! She loved every second and got mad when we started to leave! The waitstaff take turns singing, and boy do they ALL have beautiful voices! They pinpointed Sarah out pretty quick and would come over and serenade her...she would just watch sooo closely and then clap when they were done! Chuck even got serenaded as well from a funny! (carly simons "your so vain") haha! Sarah got all of the love songs! After the diner we took off for another walk, and then to Central park, found the playground, and she ran around with another little boy and did some swinging! It was such a nice day and we are so glad we were able to get out...its supposed to rain tomorrow! UGH! Sarah is doing so well, not much swelling and back to herself again! Yeah, that is such a good sign! Hope you get to enjoy the pictures! Love to all, Chuck, Kim and Sarah!

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MarĂ­a Eugenia said...

Hey Kim, Chuck and Sarah,
I saw the pics on the blog, it seems like you are enjoying and things are going really good.
Sarah is looking so beautiful.
I hope everything is becoming better for you.
Thank you so much for your help too.
best wishes