Thursday, October 30, 2008

Stitches are out and were coming HOME

This morning Sarah went under anesthesia and had her stiches taken out. Everything went well and Dr. Levitin said that Sarah's skin has healed beautifully. The most exciting news is that the Dr. also told us that it would be possibly six months before we would have to come back. WOO HOO. The reason is to let the skin around Sarah's chin heal so that they can go back and make another incision there. We will be sending monthly photo's of Sarah for Dr. Waner to see so that they can tell us when they want us back up. We have met alot of parents up hear that go to Dr. Waner with there children and among those are David and Debbie Freedman. They have welcomed us into there home on more than one occasion and have become very good friends of ours. They have two little girls that Sarah enjoys going to see. Last night we went to their house for supper and after playing with the girls and eating, when we got home this is how she looked.
Here are some pictures of Sarah after this mornings procedure and then some just a few minutes ago of Kim and Sarah taking a well deserved nap. Thank you for praying for my family and letting us be a part of your life. God is Good


ukinny said...

OK, so it is obviously great news that you aren't coming back to NY for a while, but who are we going to eat cake with now??!!!??

We love spending time with you guys too, and seeing Sarah's amazing progress. She has both great doctors and great parents.

Debbie, David, Ayelet & Mia xxx

Chuck Porter said...

WOW - what wonderful news!!! Please tell Debbie and David that we are so grateful for their kindness to our family and that they are most welcome at our home if they are ever traveling thru Charlotte. We would love to meet their family some day!

Grandpa and Grammy Porter

jo said...

Hi guys - we enjoyed meeting you so much, your beautiful daughter Sarah is a true credit to you both!! I still cannot get over her charisma, I am completely taken by her! She is just so cute and the most mature
15 month old I have ever met - it's easy to tell Sarah is surrounded by pure love!

We hope you guys got great Halloween costumes and have a smashing great time @ your friends wedding reception!

God Bless
Josephine and Jim Lippman ( Shake Shack - NYC )