Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Monday night at the Laundromat

Yesterday was move day. We went from a two bedroom apartment with two full size beds to a studio apartment (one big room) with two single beds. For some reason mommy didn't sleep very well with sarah in the bed with her. I am laughing now because tonight is my turn sleeping next to Sarah, or so I'm told. We also did our laundry last night and Sarah came down for a visit. Here are some pictures of the new apartment and sarah in the laundry basket. That has got to be the coolest stove I have ever seen.

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Jenn said...

Sarah looks like she is doing wonderful and is such a trooper for all she has been through with the many trips to NY.
I do have to laugh at your comments about the studio as that is what my mom and I shared when my daughter had her surgery in April. The room was a little frightening and the beds a little rickety. Good luck getting some sleep!