Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Pre-Op meeting with Dr. Waner...

        Well today was Sarah's face to face with Dr. Waner. We sent pictures up months ago so he could get a look at how her progress has been but pictures only give a half truth in matters like this. As usual Dr. Waner was his usual kind, and caring self which helps put everyone at ease and always makes sure to give his patients the time they need so things can get discussed in detail and all questions answered. To me, (mama) he is such a balm to the nerves that are a little more frayed and worried than usual. He has had Sarah since she was four months old and we have 110% confidence in his knowledge and skill in knowing how to care for Sarah.
       We came up prepared for a surgery on Thursday. Well we giggle- because we always get some form of a "Waner surprise" as we like to call it, it has ranged from an emergency on his behalf and not knowing if surgery would happen, to things that while she is asleep on his table that he will see something that needs to be done and he will go ahead and do it and we won't know until she is in recovery, to changed times or like today- her surgery was bumped up to tomorrow! Which for us that means she will have a longer period of healing time here in NY under his care before we go home. So that's a good thing!
        There was a preliminary email and discussion as to what he wanted to do for her, and it has slightly changed some but not too much, he got a look at her today and said she still has some residual tumor left around her right eye in her eyebrow area- once she's asleep he will look at it in depth and see what he can do about it. He will also work with her scarring and help give some relief to that and work on the scarring in her lips. Sarah handled it all with ease and a smile and even asked Dr. Waner a few questions herself. Chuck and I are just so proud of her and how she is handling this all. We will update tomorrow evening after we get back here and settled- her surgery is planned for 1:30 so please think of her, the doctor and his team tomorrow.

Now- Sarah got to go to her all time favorite place here in Manhattan- Stardust Diner! It is Sarah's rule that she gets to go at least once while here or else! (And that is perfectly fine with mama and daddy because she deserves it!) If you ever find yourself in NYC, make sure you go! The waitstaff sing while you eat and it is amazing! Today they pulled out ALL of the extras and performed the best we have ever seen! A lot of the staff find themselves starring in Broadway plays and performances etc. so it's fun to see the talent before they make it to the big stage. They walk around singing, get up on a walkway and perform- dance around, you name it. There is never a dull moment and it's a true joy for everyone of all ages. Sarah enjoyed herself immensely and it was a joy for us to see her and her sister have so much fun during all of this. Riley has been a great little support system herself with Sarah, praying for her when she volunteers to pray over meals, and just being there for her in general so far. I have no doubt she will kick it up a notch tomorrow like she has in the past. So thankful for a sweet sister for Sarah.

A few pictures from today:
Rockefeller Christmas Tree, Stardust Diner, a random picture the girls wanted by the fountain and giant ornament balls (that Sarah said she could decorate with ease- lol), the amazing Dr. Waner and Sarah, and Yeleana and Sarah- his PA that's been with him for years. (We love her!)

Please continue to pray for Sarah, Dr. Waner and his team tomorrow! We are very thankful for all of them!
God is good.

- mama

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