Wednesday, October 19, 2016

It's been Three years...

Well, like the post title said...Its been three years.
She was six- now we have a nine year old. Her being older can be a positive or a negative factor; will she be able to understand everything better? Will she have more fears? How will this go? There is only one way to find out... We will let you know.

We have been doing "check ins" with Dr. Waner for the past few years, he looks at pictures, sees how she is growing and makes a decision. When I sent this last batch of pictures I just knew in my gut this time the answer was going to be "Its time.". We were shocked still when we got the email because it's been a while, but it quickly turned into getting things lined up for this trip. As usual like in the past we had three months to get ready. Things are lining up, Blessings are happening and time is ticking away fast. We have a short 8 weeks before we jump on a plane and head back to Manhattan.

Sarah is busy herself  getting ready for her trip! For the past few years Sarah has been helping Hometown Heroes sell Christmas Trees at the tree lot, and she has been handmaking ornaments to sell while she's there! Everything she makes and sells, she turns around and gives HTH a check with all the money she raised! She loves going and it's her goal every year to give HTH $1,000. So she is planning her ornaments and is getting ready to start cranking them out so she can get a head start since she will be gone a full week out of her "selling season". (If you don't know, Hometown Heroes is the organization that has been with Sarah from the very beginning helping us make sure she has what she needs for NY. They hold a huge part of our hearts and we love them dearly.)

We will keep you posted as the surgery time gets closer, but in the mean time please pray for Sarah, her Dr.'s, good healing, and safe travels!
- Mama


Collegegirl said...

I can't believe she's 9!!!!!!!!! Very excited for this next chapter for Sarah and the whole family. Best to you all!


iheartrice said...

Praying for you guys! -Tara & Will