Monday, April 6, 2009

What a day for surgery!

Today takes the cake for our surgery days. We were scheduled for Sarah to have surgery at 11:30 this morning which is later then usual. We finally got her into surgery at 3:30 this afternoon because of scheduling issues which means Sarah didn't eat or drink anything all day. Surgery went good though Sarah got the tumor above her nose and the the one next to her nose worked on which included grinding off some of her nose bone to help straighten the nose because her tumor had pushed her nose over to the left. She also had a different laser applied to the scars on her cheek and chin, in the Dr.'s words, sands down the scar tissue to make her skin smoother. She also had a drain tube put under her skin to help with swelling in the nose area. You can see the drain tube coming out her forehead. Ok - got to go and pick up some prescriptions from the drug store before they close. I will update better tomorrow. Please pray for Sarah to have a good recovery and for Kim and I to stay strong.
God is good.

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Auntie Judy said...

Sarah is beautiful! I hope you all rested well last night. I know today is a big day for our family as well (Daddy - 2 years). Know that you all are loved and I hope you have a restful and peaceful day of recovery!
Love you so much!
Auntie Judy