Thursday, April 9, 2009

Out of the hospital!

Sarah's fever broke over night and she got up this morning ready for some apple jacks and pedialyte. The only set back was that Sarah's iv came out of her vein and went into her arm filling her arm with fluid. We noticed this when her arm got really puffy. They removed the iv and told us to keep her arm elevated. Dr. Waner came by about 2:00 p.m. to look at Sarah. He removed her drain and discharged us. We got back to the apartment and all of us got a two hour nap. Best nap I think I've had.
I have to tell this story. We decided to go to a famous bakery called Magnolia Bakery to celebrate our good day. We took a taxi because it is on the other side of central park. When we got there I went to pay the driver whom had been asking about Sarah on the way over there. He turned around and said " No cab fair give it to Sarah" For anyone who has been to NY you can agree that is about as rare as it gets. Thought that was something special.
Thank you to everyone that has continued to pray for Sarah,Kim and I.
This picture is back at the apartment
God is good!


neve said...

Hi Sarah and family,,, this is Vanny, Danny and Nadia we met at the Hospital.. just wanted to touch base its been kind of hectic at home. I hope Sarah doing well even though we met her for a brief time, she made a strong impression... She is so strong and seems so care free..
thanks for talkin with us it definetly helped to talk to some one that has gone through and still is going through so much....

email us at
We hope everything is well!!!

Anonymous said...

Chuck and Kim give Sarah a big kiss and it feels great seeing her in the picture at the apt. NY has some really good people. Can't wait to see all of you when you get home. I'm coming to see Miss Sarah.

Lots of love Aunt Sheree. That's how Sarah said my name.

The Hines Family said...

How neat that Sarah's story is able to touch strangers. I would (and sometimes still do) ask myself "why Zeke" and I always felt like God was telling me "because My plan for Zeke is extraordinary." I know God's plan for Sarah is also extraordinary. :-)

I'm so sad to hear that only one of you was able to stay with Sarah at the hospital. I'm glad you're all home and together. We're praying for you! :-)