Sunday, April 12, 2009

Walked half the city

Today we walked all over the place. We Started from the apartment and went south to a parade that NY had on 5th avenue. After seeing what was going on we went to the battleship Intrepid which is a retired ship that has been restored and retrofitted to let you go in the top deck, flight deck and the hanger area. Just a little fun fact from pamplet it took 7000 gallons of paint to re-paint the ship.

More importantly then the sites that we saw today we remembered the reason for Easter and the ultimate sacrifice our Lord Jesus gave to die for our sins. When I think of Easter I think of sacrifice and love. Maybe these feelings come up because of our own path in life, maybe I am just relating this back to our life but felt compelled to share this.

In preperation for Easter Kim and Sarah sat down last night and colored some Easter eggs. Sarah really enjoyed this until it was time to let the eggs dry. She got so mad she sat down on her butt and then threw herself forward onto the ground. Big time temper tantrum, in her defense we started the painting process very close to bedtime.

Hope this post finds you well! Happy Easter

God is good

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