Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Day after surgery

It's the day after surgery and everyone is still pretty tired. We went to Dr. Waner's office this morning and were told that the drain tube will probably be in until friday unless the swelling goes down and the fluid quits coming out earlier. This is the first time Sarah has had a drain in after surgery and it makes the recovery a little harder on us. I say Kim and I because Sarah doesn't pay it much mind at all. She got up this morning and walked around the apartment kicking a soccer ball and enjoying herself. Hopefully her drain will be able to come out before friday, I know I will feel better when it is out. I will update later. God is Good


The Hines Family said...

I'm glad Sarah is feeling well and playing soccer. I'm also glad to her that the tube isn't bothering her much. I know you guys are exhausted--hospital days are long days. You're in our prayers. :-)

Anonymous said...

Sarah looks so great and happy you both need to remember God made children to not have the fears adults have. They are born more innocent and zealous then we are and can bounce back really fast. I know God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit is with all of you and you all are in my prayers. Lots of love and give Sarah a big kiss for me. Aunt Sherre.