Monday, October 10, 2011

Day of Nothing....much!

Since we all had a big day yesterday, we have decided to stay in, or really close to the apartment!Sarah's swelling is down as posted before, and guess what!! So far today she has NOT NEEDED any pain meds! That in itself is wonderful! Our friend Kris was able to get Sarah to forget about her face and stitches for a while (shes been wary of smiling really big and talking a little stiff like) and he was getting her to laugh big belly laughs and smile really big! Big Thanks to Kris! 
Oh, had to share this, a friend of ours told us before we left for NY to ask for an oral medicine before surgery to help her relax and not be so upset over going back into surgery. Boy was this THE TICKET! The hospital called it "goofy juice" and we know why! She was hilarious! She started giggling, and picking with us and just being an all out silly little girl, she wanted me (mama) to take her back this time and when I laid her down, she did nothing but giggle, I asked her is she was being a silly girl and she shook her head and said "oh yeah!" giggled herself right to sleep. We don't want to think about how hard it would have been without that, so a big thanks to Kim G. back home!
So far today it has been very lazy here...shhh we're all still in our PJ's!! Were thinking about taking the girls to the park again and another picnic.
Our day yesterday was really nice to catch up with our friends, and the weather here has been great, even a little on the warm side! We were actually looking forward to some cool weather here but what do ya do?!
God is Good!


Anonymous said...

Hi my name is Lexus. I was born with Hemangioma on my leg. Although, my hemangioma is much different than your daughters. I have a doctors appointment next week to determine what kind exactly. I am a senior in high school and i decided to do my senior project on treatment for my hemangioma. Your daughter and family is very strong. I hope everything is still going very well.

Anonymous said...

Hi, my name is Eduardo and I am from Brazil. I found your blog searching information about hemangioma. My daughter has one (small) and when I saw Sarahs pics I noticed that she has none comparing her. Congratulations for your pretty and happy girl and for your fight agaist hemangioma. Remember that "special kids birth for special parents"!
Hugs and success!!!