Thursday, February 11, 2010

Out and About...

When we come up, we always try and do things for Sarah, at least something everyday, when the weather is warmer, we go to the park, and the Zoo, etc. But when its cold we have to find different things to go and do today we decided to take our candy loving little girl, to the very popular and famous "Dylan's Candy Bar" it's not much different from other big candy stores, but its neat and has some really cool things, and its been around for a VERY long time! Sarah was in love! She started to walk around just touching the bins full of candy and looking at everything, and then when she figured out we were letting her pick some candy to go into her bag...well that was all she wrote! She really enjoyed it, and it was a cute place to go and do something for the day! On the way back, we stopped to meet a few of the horses that line up with their buggies waiting to take people on a carriage rides...Sarah and Fredia Joe (the horse) really took a liking to each other! On the way back, right as we were walking up to the apartment building, i looked up and saw Sarah fast asleep on top of Chuck's shoulders! It was a nice day to get out and walk around!
Sarah goes back in to get her stitches switched out in the morning at 8 a.m. Please pray that all goes well, and the pain afterwards isn't too much!
God is Good!

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