Friday, August 22, 2008

Day after surgery and ten rounds later

The reason for the title is very evident in some of Sarah's pictures. I think we can really call her our little fighter cause she looks like she went ten rounds in a boxing ring. Last night was very challenging. We tried to put her in the bed with us but she could not get comfortable with the arm restraints on. Kim ended up laying on the couch and rocking her to sleep about midnight. I say midnight in a significant way since we started the process around nine p.m. Wanted to share these photos and then were of to the doctor's for a checkup.


beth4380 said...

I am so thrilled to see Sarah has done so well. As always, I am here if you guys need anything. I am still her nurse if ever she needs me.
Beth Johnson

Jennifer said...

Sarah looks great! Love that sweet smile of hers!! Glad the surgery went well. Chris & I say a prayer for her & you both every night. We LOVE you ALL! Hang in there I know this must be very rough on both of you. Trying to keep a BABY from crying is hard enough. Then you add those arm bands into the mix. WOW that makes for a very tough job! If anyone can do it you two can! You are both amazing parents!! Good luck this week! Can't wait to see you all this weekend! Give my sweet girl a kiss & hug for me!
Aunt Jen XOXO

Chuck Porter said...

Dearest Kim, Charlie, ans little Sarah,

Grammer and Grandpa have been working feveriously to get ready for Sarah's first birthday party. We miss you so much and can not wait to pick you all up at the airport. I am so very proud of you and remember God is with you - little Sarah is really one special little girl!

Love, Dad