Thursday, August 21, 2008

August Trip: Big Changes

We just got back to the apartment. Today's surgery marks a significant step in Sarah's progress. Dr. Waner and Dr. Levitin took the scar off of her cheek next to her nose and they also took the scar off of her bottom lip and chin. They did this by cutting out the scars and then stretching the skin. She has about 15 stitches on her cheek and 8 below her bottom lip. Now the hard part starts with keeping Sarah from rubbing her face. She has little braces on her arms to keep her from touching her face but she is not liking them at all. We have antibiotics for her wounds and tylenol to keep her from to much pain. Overall the day was a success so it's up to mom and I to keep from damaging what the doctor's have fixed. I don't know how we are going to do it but Dr. Levitin told us to try to keep her from even crying so that the stitches won't rip so wish us good luck.We will be here until late next week when they will take the stitches out. I will update soon. Thank you for the prayers, God is good.


Anonymous said...

I just recently discovered Sarah's picture on a flyer for the Tony Mull Memorial Poker Run that my in-laws will be participating in, and immediately thought she was one of the most beautiful babies I've ever seen. I just wanted to say keep your strength and I'll be praying for her!

Chuck Porter said...

We are so relieved to know that the first makor surgery other than laser surgery is behind you. You have a big challenge ahead but you are up for it and God will give you both the strength with His ever ending Grace. We will continue to pray for you three.

Love Gramme and Grandpa P

Candy said...

Kim and Chuck,
We are excited about Sarah's progress and honored to be able to do something to help along her journey. You are in are daily prayers.
Nahum 1:7

Candy Sue ~ Tony Mull's Sister

Mindy P said...

Looking Great!!! We are so excited about this weekend. It has been a pleasure and honor getting to know your little Sarah. May God bless you and keep you safe for the rest of yout trip. See Ya Soon

Shawn, Mindy and Nicholas Pressley

Auntie Judy said...
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Auntie Judy said...

I am so proud of the two of you! You are wonderful parents! I know your trust in God will get you and Sarah through all that you have to face! She is a beautiful little girl and I am very proud of her courage too!
Love you!
Auntie Judy

ukinny said...

Hi Guys

Pleased to hear it all went well. If you need anything while here in New York (a meal, a break, anything), please call us

Debbie & David (Ayelets parents - another Dr Waner patient)

Angela said...

We are so happy to see her doing so well. Abby has been saying extra special prayers for Sarah Bear each night! We love you all very much. Love Aunt Angela, Uncle Daniel and Abby