Friday, June 13, 2008

June trip went well!

We just got back from our sixth trip to NY. We had a new experience going to Roosevelt Hospital instead of our usual Beth Israel Hospital trip. We were across the street from our doctor's office and the hospital this time which cut down on cab fares to the hospital, hopefully we can schedule our visits like that again. Besides a malfunction of our stroller at the airport in Charlotte at the start of our trip the rest of the trip went well. Laser surgery went well. Dr. Levitin told us that after the July laser surgery they will start removing some of the tumor on Sarah's face and will also start fixing the scaring on her right cheek. This is all good news for our family even though it is also a new obstacle. Thank you for praying for Sarah and our family and please continue too. The top two pictures are of Sarah with mom and dad before surgery in the pre-operations area. The last picture is of Sarah back at the apartment after a good nap. For having as much done to her that morning as she did, she is in good spirits.


Anonymous said...

Hello, im Eugenia, from Argentina. I comment at the post of May.
Im so interested on Sarah's evolution.

Im happy to see that things are going fine.

My best wishes for Sarah and you.

Write me at:


PS: Sorry for my terrible English!

Royz Jeff said...

Best wishes for Sarah. Our daughter was diagnosed with hemangiomas but Unfortunately, we only had her for company for 2 months.

DJFreed said...

Hi Guys,

Hope yesterday and today went well. If you still have my number and we can help you when you are in New York with accommodation or just coming for dinner please call me as we would love to keep in touch. Corey at Dr. Waners office has my cell and I asked him to pass it on to you.

Wishing you all well

Debs, David and Ayelet