Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Surgery went well!

Surgery went well, Dr. Waner once again did a wonderful job. He took out almost all of the scaring on her cheek area and did very aggressive laser on the rest of her facial area. Kim and I usually fast with Sarah on surgery day then grab something while she is in surgery but today, because of some miss communication, we fasted until we got back to the apartment this evening, which meant tensions we're high, aka snippiness was our challenge! Sarah is resting in the bed after many glasses of Apple juice, pepperoni pizza and some cake. She has fallen in love with an app. called Cakedoodle and it has been worth all $.99. Riley became nurse Riley, so proud of her. We are all done, here are some pics, first is Sarah and I going back to surgery, next is Sarah and mommy right after surgery and last are the girls queening it up at the hotel.

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