Sunday, May 3, 2009

Dr. Waner on MSNBC

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On a new series on MSNBC entitled "A CHANGE OF FACE", we see how three New York City surgeons dedicate their lives to perfect, save, and reconstruct the human face, changing lives in the operating room. All new episodes premiere on Sunday, May 3, May 10, and May 17 at 10 p.m. ET.  Watch for Sarah's sweet smile in several of Dr. Waner's clips. 


Anonymous said...

Chuck & Kim,

Dr. Waner seems like a wonderful person as well as a great physician! You guys are truly blessed to have found him.
"for He will command His angels concerning you to gaurd you in all your ways". Ps. 91:11
I hope to see you guys soon.

Steve :-)

The Hines Family said...

How nice to know that you have such a knowledgeable AND compassionate doctor helping your baby girl.

Anonymous said...

hi, i havent met yet Dr. Waner but i will soon, because of a Hemangioma i have on my lip and portwine stain in my face, but guys this Dr. is really Good. He is blessed by God. I know and have faith that he will do the best hi can to make me look better. i feel it inside of me. Dr. waner God bless you and all your team.
Marylin Rodriguez

Anonymous said...

My daughter is currently being treated by Dr. Waner, a very compassionate and caring individual. His staff of doctors, physician assistants and even his secretary of billing is not only professional but understanding. Dr. Waner is the best in the world. When we first found out about our daughter's segmental hemangioma me and my wife were terrified because every doctor said leave it alone, including the pediatrician and two pediatric dermatologists, but don't, segmental hemangiomas are prevalent in children who have
PHACES SYNDROME. Remember it's not the doctor's fault, doctors are told in medical school even today to leave hemangiomas alone. I looked online at the pics, forget it they showed the worst of the worst, me and my wife cried and cried to think our daughter's face would or could look like that. Make the appt. with Dr. Waner and see him and ask about propranolol it is a game changer. His laser does help as well, it is expensive and insurance will pay, ask the secretary to assist you she is awesome. Again don't leave it alone, your child's face will become horribly disfigured if left alone, how do I know, my daughter has gone through numerous laser procedures and she is looking a million times better, other kids waiting for their first procedure waited too long and their faces are disfigured, don't let your child go through that emotional trauma.