Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Our Big Decision - How best to Battle Hemangiomas


Sarah’s local dermatologists wanted to do Laser Surgery here in North Carolina. We then talked to Sarah’s hematologist who gave us his opinion because he had worked with our dermatologists for a long time. He advised that we should strongly consider going to New York and see Dr. Waner. We had heard that Dr. Waner and his staff are known to be the best in the country, perfecting the laser application and inventing new technology just for children with Hemangiomas.


Wayne said...

Dr. Waner is a miracle worker. Sarah's going to be in great hands.

Jeannine said...

My daughter is 29 months old and has received treatment from the NY team - Dr. Waner, Dr. Levtin, etc. etc. and she looks amazing - she has been through hell and back, as Dr. Waner put it and she is doing great in every way. Dr. Waner was a gift God sent to us to heal our Ella - to you now as well for Sarah. Ella's H was on her face as well. If you would like to see pictures of Ella now I would be glad to share them with you. My e-mail address is jmebp@yahoo.com

Kisses to your Sarah!

Quirky Momma said...

Thank you so much for your blog! My daughter was born with hemangiomas and I am learning about them, your story gives us hope! Your little girl is beautiful.